Over the years I have played numerous different guitars through various amplifiers. I've used different microphones and PA rigs too. Listed below are links to certain pages from websites of all the companies to whom I owe my playing career. The only rationale behind the order is that most of my current equipment is at the top of the list , although the Fylde I play is No461 and I have been playing that one since 1975.
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Fylde Guitars Taylor Guitars Faith Guitars
Fender Guitars Yamaha Guitars Washburn Guitars
Hofner Guitars Elixir Strings Fender DuraTone Strings
Marshall amplifiers AKG Microphones Shure Microphones
Sennheiser Microphones G7th Capo Jim Dunlop Picks
Fender cables Klotz Cables Yamaha PA Equipment
JBL Speakers Peavey PA Carlsbro PA
BOSS effects pedals TC Helicon Shubb Capo
    Bose PA